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Autopilot trading robot (expert advisor) are software or algorithmic program that can be added to a forex trading platform. The robot run automatically or carry out buy and sell transactions without manual user instructions

Increase your capital by +/-15% per month at no risk. Autotrading Gold is the name of the robot trading. It has been developed by an Indonesian company to maximize profit and limit the risk. This is the challenge

Discover the performance in real time below over the past months

Autotrade Gold Logic

Trade only Gold XAU USD

Automated trading

No trading software
No installation
No trading skills required

One Shoot – One Kill

One trade per day only
No averaging – No martingale
No floating

Trading for Everyone

Start with no experience
Start with 300 USD
Start with your pairs

Proven performance

Consistent monthly results
1% drawdown to limit loss
Verified accounts

Passive Income

Funds are not locked
Withdraw funds at any time
2K day limit for security

Daily Alert

Be always updated when the trade is closed on telegram
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Daily Performance in detail

We never promise 100% certainty of profit in every trade, but this performance is proof of the results of trading robot gold

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