Trading performance analysis and notification at your fingertips

  • Your personnal MT4 trade alert on your own private/public telegram channel

  • One page analytics dashboard with key performance ratios. No more MT4 app and excel sheel needed

  • Growth & net profit. Growth & net balance

  • Weekly, monthly, yearly performance detailled analysis

  • Last trades/positions. Total withdraw/deposit history

  • Price : 5$ per month for one broker/webapp. Multi-accounts is coming soon.

Be carefull, the email that you use here will be the one used on your registration process for the onboarding !

What will you get in details in the web app + notification ?

  • Open & register your account
  • Create you own telegram channel

  • Link your MT4 account with Fx-Trade App
  • Wait a litttle bit until your account is linked to the broker

  • Pay your monthly susbcription for a fraction of your montly profit

  • Cancel at anytime